How to get ready for the wedding photo session in Vietnam.

Wedding photo session on the beach is one of the most romantic and unforgettable ways to capture the story of your true love. Mui Ne, that boasts miles of peaceful sandy beaches, can be ideal place for your wedding. Exotic and tranquil Vietnamese landscapes, beautiful sea and your happy faces – everything will look on the pictures perfectly. Especially if you follow several common rules.

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Wedding photo
  1. The wedding photo session doesn’t consider the official ceremony. If you already got married even couple of years ago, but want to have a romantic and unforgettable wedding album, just take the dress and costume with you. Or rent these items in Vietnam.
  2. While getting ready to wedding photo session please use these 10 rules.
  3. If you decided to buy the wedding dress prior journey to Vietnam please choose light and natural fabrics – as it is quite hot in Vietnam. Check the length of the dress (first of all you want wear heels) and long skirt or train will get wet and a bit dirty very fast. You better choose short elfin dress, which suits the photo sessionon on the beach ideally.
  4. As high heels are difficult to wear on the sandy beaches of Mui Ne, please beware to take a pair of cozy sandals. Or you can be just barefoot.
  5. Veilor or the lights scarf (if they fit your dress in style) will add the romantic atmosphere to your wedding photo session on the Mui Ne beach.
  6. The groom should take the additional shirt to the photo session. One hour on the beach and the first one (especially if it is white) would look inaccurate and stale.
  7. Make-up and hairdo should be arranged by the professional stylist. Tropical climate of Vietnam with it high humidity and strong winds can change unexpectedly your usual cosmetics.
  8. Do not be afraid or shy to spend some time in front of the mirror. Put on your dress and try to understand in what poses you might look more attractive.
  9. Do not forget about bouquet. It is quite easy to order it right in Mui Ne. Before the wedding ceremony it should be stored in the fridge, and during the photo secession just drop some water every 15 minutes on it, so the flowers look fresh and nice.
  10. It would be quite hot on the beach. So if you are afraid of heat stroke, take a parasol on the photo session. It can be a cute adding to your image and will save you from sun.
  11. Please do not forget the bag with mineral water, cosmetics, tissues and etc. If you have any friend, who could carry this entire staff – this would be perfect!
  12. If you fill shy during the photo session (which is normal, especially in first ten minutes), take your bouquet. Some object in your hand will help you to fill better. Usually people do not know what to do with hands during the photo session. Do not be afraid – professional photographer will help you to comfort and enjoy your time.
  13. Do not be afraid to talk to the photographer. Make funny faces, ask any questions. The professional photographer will capture also tender and touching moments, and some fun during the photo session will help you to feel a bit more free and easy.
  14. Tell each other some cute and tender words; don’t be afraid to touch a partner or to give him a kiss. All this moments will be caught by a professional photographer and become one of the sweetest photos in your album.

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