Dragon Beach club

Every day, after the sunset, the night bursts into bright lights, sparkles with bubbles of fun and joy, trembles in magic sounds of loud music, roaring sea waves and heart beats. This is Dragon Beach waking.

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Dragon Beach club

Where in Muine you can have fun and enjoy music from international DJ’s? This is Dragon Beach. All night long you’ll dance in different beats, choosing the style, which makes you move better.

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If you enjoy D2 time (dancing and drinking) in the light of south stars, you can stay in the outdoor area. Prefer bright lights, gamboling crowd and the true atmosphere of cosmopolitan night club – welcome inside.

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Would like to spend night, drinking delicious cocktails in the bar area? You won’t be bored! The most bright live events in Muine take place here. This are fire shows, different entertainment and visuals.

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And – the pleasant moment – free entrance.

Feel a bit dizzy, but would like to prolong the party? Have a short rest on our comfy beds, near the seaside.

Feel hungry – try one of tasty dishes from our chef.

And the last but not least – happy hours specially for you in Dragon beach from 8 pm until 10 pm. Buy one drink and get 2. Dragon is also waiting for the ladies. Once a week he arranges the very special night for them.

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Dragon opens it doors with the first woken up customer, ready to have fun and enjoy life, and closes when the last one is too sleepy to move. So normally from 05 pm till 05 am.

Photos from the most bright and remarkable events can be seen here: vk.com/Dragon_Beach or facebook.com/DragonBeachMuiNe

Address: 120/1, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Muine

Contact details: 090 304 25 66