10 rules how to get ready to the ideal photo session in Vietnam

10 rules how to get ready to the ideal photo session in Vietnam:

1. Plan beforehand. You better plan photo session prior your arrival to Vietnam or in the first few days. This will help you to organize your vacations, discuss all points with the photographer, get ready to the session and avoid any troubles with the weather.

2. Be accurate with the suntan. If you planned your photo session in advance, you have at least 1 week after your arrival for the acclimation, sunbathing and relaxation. But it is quite important to be accurate with the tan and not to forget about the skin moistening (dry skin looks really badly on the photos). So you better take sunbaths till 11 am and after 3 pm in Vietnam.

3. Drink accurately. And not only alcohol beverages. But only during the evening prior photo session. Too much liquid in the evening can course edemas in the morning in Vietnam. And if you are suffering from hangover, there will be no pleasure and joy in the photo session. If you have some special occasion in the evening (birthday party or anything else) please tell it to the photographer and don’t plan your session on the next day.

4. Get enough sleep. You better sleep well prior the photo session. This will help you not only feel, but also look better.

5. Please eat something. Hungry eyes (especially if they belong to the male) will make everybody nervous. Of course overfeeding is not good, but you should have a good meal prior session. Take some snacks and water for the photo session. Please try to avoid black coffee, chocolate and rose dragon fruit (Vietnam typical fruit) – any product which can color your leaps or teeth.

6. Make-up and etc. For the ladies: Be sure that you have at least 2 hours prior photo session to get ready. Do not harry, spend enough time in bathroom and beneath the mirror. Do not let anybody to spoil your joy from the upcoming photo session. Try to avoid any experiments with the SPA-treatment (except massage) prior photo session. In make-up you should achieve a natural even skin tone, and be sure to cover blemishes. Fingers and toes should be cleaned and groomed. Nails can be any color, although, be careful your nail color doesn’t detract from you and your face. Bring a brush, comb, etc. for touching up during the shoot, as Mui Ne (Vietnam) is proud for it winds. Please, bring a lip balm/moisturizer with you. Moist lips always look better. For men, all facial hair should be groomed (and with a familiar means and cosmetics). If you wish to have a few ‘rough’ shots and then shave to include a few shots with a smoother look, please bring your shaving kit and discuss this with the photographer before the shoot.

7. Choosing clothes. You better choose the clothes, which you wish to wear during the photo session, in advance. It can be several costumes in different styles. While discussing the photo session you’ll choose with the photographer different locations and that will help you to understand what clothes will look better in this or that place. Try to avoid T-shirts with big prints. All you intend to wear should be cleaned and ironed the day before. You better prefer light colors, as it is quite hot in Vietnam.

8. Accessories. For really cute and nice images you better choose some accessories. You can discuss this matter with photographer. Anything can fit: ball, books, play cards, paper and pencil. This can be also typical Vietnamese things (hat for example). This will not only help you to relax and have fun, but can become a start for the photo story.

9. Talk with the photographer. Do not forget to tell photographer your ideas and ask questions. Only if you trust your photographer, we’ll get really good photos. If you don’t like something, please don’t be shy and tell it immediately. If you see ideas that really attract your attention, feel free to bring those pics to your first meeting with the photographer. Never hesitate to share your ideas.

10. Enjoy and have fun. Pay more attention to each other and lesser to the camera. Have fun, enjoy each moment, talk with each other and photographer, and try to avoid artificial poses.

Have a nice stay in Vietnam!!! :)

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